Don’t Ever Stop

Each day we wake up to a world that is largely unaware of our existence, and for the tiny fragment that is, we can assume that our best interests are not in mind.  It is not to say the world is cruel, just that there is so much going on that it can easily become daunting to realize how unimportant we are to a constantly swirling mass of bodies.  We try so hard to make an impression, to prove our worth.  We all just want to be important in some way.  We move about, day to day, in our little bubbles comprised entirely of subcultural populations looking for someone to care about us.  We look for our niches, and sometimes, we look for one person whose world we can become.  But it is selfish to expect to mean so much to one person.  We leave vague impressions hoping that, over time, they will come to fruition and offer us intimate relations.  Even more, we often hope for this so much that we allow ourselves to become a part of something that is terribly insufficient.  But, as long as we have something, that’s better than nothing.  Right?

When we’ve but one life, I’d have to say something is not better than nothing.  Settling for something can keep us from experiencing, for all intents and purposes, an infinite world of somethings that wait in our future.  Granted, the shear scope of ‘somethings’ renders our level of cognition useless for prediction.  Many view a vast world of uncertainty as something terrifying, yet, fear is very much a necessary aspect of life.  It is not wrong to fear the unknown.  It is, however, inadvisable to let this fear of the unknown cripple ones drive towards this massive realm of potential, forcing us to accept what we currently have.  After all, bodies in motion, right?

Devote yourself to continually moving forward, to fend off stagnation and experience all that your single life has to offer.  Contentedness at an early point in life could easily place you in a point in which no single thing is terribly wrong, but something is eating at you, day in and day out.  This thing is likely the vast realm of potential you never utilized.  You find yourself living weekend to weekend, vacation to vacation.  All time in between is routine and you lose drive to improve your life.  Then materialistic incentive becomes your motivation for continuing on your path of acceptance.  You seek absolution in arbitrary inanimate objects, and maybe even live your life of forgotten dreams vicariously through your children.

Don’t always make the safe decision.  Don’t choose the most predictable.  Don’t seek definition in religion because you’ve reached the point in your life where little more seems at your disposal.  And most of all, don’t condemn your progeny to the life in which you fell short of the bright-eyed dreams you held so dearly back when adventure was your impetus.  You will never experience all there is, but rather than that impeding your motivation, let if it motivate you to rush forward into your life in hopes of absorbing all the experiences you can.  Success and failure quickly become insignificant when you always have another goal in mind.  Do not stop.  Ever.


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