Alone Together.

I’m never entirely sure what I want to say.  At least until it’s too late.  Then I’ll entertain the notion that I was able to conjure up the perfect and concise point I wanted to get across after the fact.  But it is extremely difficult to develop thoughts and present them clearly.  There are far […]

Daunting Missteps

There are moments in all of our lives in which we find ourselves in a deep and dark place.  These places vary over a massive spectrum, but there are certain aspects that are largely universal.  We do not look forward to these places nor do we enjoy them. Yet they serve a purpose.  They break […]


In the context of identity or personality being a continually shifting representation of self, there seems a universal constant in that we all are constantly moving in some direction, becoming someone slightly different than our past selves.  When we apply this perspective to our own paths of self, we will inevitably look ahead and construct […]


More and more it seems the prospect of adulthood requires an acceptance of this path of the mundane.  Sure, it’s ones own decision as to which direction this path is going, but we can’t all be rock stars and artists and writers.  It seems more that humanity is all located on a super massive mountain […]

Credit Score

It is simply madness to believe that humans are capable of providing an established quality of life for every human being.  Almost seven and a half billion people.  That’s a lot.  Let’s say an average of $30,000 per person per year is the goal.  Not much, but relatively speaking, almost unfathomable at this point.  How […]

Participation Points

It seems my generation has a strange disconnect with reality.  Perhaps this isn’t exactly something that is unique to millenials.  Yet our generation is very much the first generation to have such a massive saturation of popular culture.  The spread of internet throughout our country and quickly expanding telecommunications industry was an extremely pervasive element […]

Bears Green Seven on Yesterday

I find myself taken aback and in awe of the shear scope of all that coalesces into every single conscious experience we have from time to time.  This is my religion.  My deity is existence. I have come to believe this is largely why I struggle with truly empathetic connections with people.  It’s not so […]