Credit Score

It is simply madness to believe that humans are capable of providing an established quality of life for every human being.  Almost seven and a half billion people.  That’s a lot.  Let’s say an average of $30,000 per person per year is the goal.  Not much, but relatively speaking, almost unfathomable at this point.  How […]

Participation Points

It seems my generation has a strange disconnect with reality.  Perhaps this isn’t exactly something that is unique to millenials.  Yet our generation is very much the first generation to have such a massive saturation of popular culture.  The spread of internet throughout our country and quickly expanding telecommunications industry was an extremely pervasive element […]

Bears Green Seven on Yesterday

I find myself taken aback and in awe of the shear scope of all that coalesces into every single conscious experience we have from time to time.  This is my religion.  My deity is existence. I have come to believe this is largely why I struggle with truly empathetic connections with people.  It’s not so […]

Ego’s Diet

I am one of more than seven billion on one planet of eight in a single solar system, of which there may be tens of billions in a single galaxy amidst more than 100 billion spread across an area with a diameter likely exceeding ninety billion light-years. This is a scale of insignificance that I […]


There are parts of us, fundamentally critical elements that run very deep throughout who we are.  The influence of these parts can be especially pervasive, in turn, shaping parts of what we continue to build onto who we are.  Countless details that coalesce in our interpretation of the world around us.  Some of these aspects […]

Please, let me digress.

Waking up from a largely apathetic spell to circumstances that are terrifyingly real has a way of numbing a person’s view of the world.  To think that in trying to leave the status quo we seem to have found ourselves with potentially traumatic alternatives.  But we did it to ourselves.  We shaped an environment in […]


In the vast spectrum of things to fear in this chaotic world that still holds such endless beauty, reason has a plethora of roles ranging from prevalent to nearly absent.  The presence of rationale is at best an affectation in the clutches of anxiety, and usually remains largely irrelevant.  There are distinctive purposes in the […]